EFKON was founded in 1994 by Dr. Helmut Rieder and Dr. Raimund Pammer. From its inception, EFKON’s focus has been the active bi-directional high speed Infrared DSRC vehicle interface, contactless smart card based transportation payment systems, multi-lane free flow electronic toll collection, and explosion protection systems. In 2002, the latter activity has been sold.

EFKON Milestones:

2011: EFKON Group has been awarded a contract to install and thereafter operate an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) on freeways in South Africa. The contract is worth approximately EUR 85 million of which Tollink receives a significant share.

2010: EFKON plays an important role in one of the flagship projects for the Transport 21 plan in Ireland. EFKON has been awarded the design, development, installation, commission and operation of toll projects. The contract value for toll projects is worth approximately 40 million Euros.

EFKON has received an additional large order in Malaysia. With the order EKFON continues its success story in Asia. EFKON has delivered 500,000 On Board Units (OBUs) for the toll system in Malaysia and equiped additional 50 lanes with innovative tolling systems.

EFKON has developed a worldwide unique microchip which will change the face of road traffic in the future. Up-to-date local traffic information, road conditions, weather forecasts, traffic reports, audio and video files, etc. will be communicated directly into the vehicle. The result: optimised traffic flows, traffic and accident prevention, and additional CO2 savings.

2009: EFKON South African group company Tollink has been awarded a contract to supply, install and maintain toll system equipment and software along the N2 North Route. The contract is valued several million Euros and includes the replacement of equipment on the 60 existing lanes, plus extension into additional lanes.

EFKON shows the first live demonstration of its new Infrared modules for vehicle to infrastructure communication at the CVIS product launch workshop in Berlin, Germany. The CVIS universal platform is a major step towards mature vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication and services. EFKON plays a major role within the CVIS project.

2008: EFKON continues the successful path in Asia: The company won another order in Malaysia and is United Engineers Malaysia Technology Partner since Malaysia has installed the "World's First Nationwide Multimodal interoperable ETC System among 20 operators on 1.700km of highways" eight years ago. Today it is the world´s biggest multiapplication Transportation Payment System with four Million users.

EFKON delivered CEN based microwave Multi Lane Free Flow Technology and the Optical Character Recognition system for the redesign and expansion of the Oslo Ring in Norway.

STRABAG SE holds a substantial package of shares in EFKON AG just below a majority holding.

2006: On 2nd March 2006 the Austrian Minister of Economic Affairs announced that Associate members Efkon AG have been awarded the State Award and title "Most Innovative Austrian Company of 2005" for their work on the ISO TC204 CALM standard and the demonstration of the capabilities of ad hoc car to car communications.

2005: EFKON aquired German based ELCON MOBILITY the Pioneer for the Satellite Tolling. ELCON has delivered via its licencee GRUNDIG/DELPHI 60% of all Satellite On Board Units for the biggest Traffic Telematics Project worldwide for the German Truck Tolling.


2004: EFKON acquired TolLink (South Afica), an international leading toll plaza systems key supplier and toll operator.


2003: EFKON is the major supplier of DSRC-modules in the world (1 mio. units during 2003) for CEN 278 microwave and active bi-directional infrared.

2002:  EFKON chosen as vendor for significant orders from the German Truck Tolling System.

2001:  EFKON wins first ETC project in Europe (Westerschelde Tunnel in the Netherlands).

2000:  Venture Capital Firm Global Equity Partners (GEP) picks up 15% of EFKON.

1999:  Corporate expansion to Brazil, India, China.

1998:  EFKON wins order for nationwide toll system in Taiwan pilot.

1997:  EFKON wins tender for nationwide toll system in Malaysia.

1995:  First pilot project showing feasibility of On Board Unit with contactless smart card transactions in multi-lane free toll systems.

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