• EFKON AG developing mobile systems for automatic toll sticker control
  • Automatic identification of toll violators without interrupting the flow of traffic
  • Innovative system contributes to increased traffic safety

    Graz, 20 June 2011 EFKON AG, a global leading company in the field of intelligent transportation and toll collections systems, has supplied ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH with mobile systems for the automatic control of toll stickers. The system helps to automatically identify toll violators without interrupting the flow of traffic, thus increasing traffic safety.

    In Austria and in other countries, the toll sticker system has established itself as the tolling method for vehicles with a maximum permissible gross weight under 3.5t because it is easy to use and economical. In addition to toll enforcement and monitoring officers, ASFINAG also uses automatic enforcement and monitoring systems (Automatische Vignettenkontrolle, AVK). The system checks if vehicles have a valid toll sticker affixed to their front windshield without interrupting the flow of traffic. The automatic enforcement and monitoring system is installed in places along motorways and expressways where physical vehicle controls are not possible or only possible with great difficulty. The system supports the ASFINAG toll enforcement officers in their work. In the interest of those road users who comply with payment of the time-limited toll, an efficient, automatic toll sticker enforcement and monitoring system is fairer and more equitable.

    EFKON AG, based in Raaba by Graz, has developed an innovative system for this purpose in line with the high standards and specifications of effective toll monitoring. The system recognised the toll sticker and automatically checks its validity. The automatic enforcement and monitoring system from EFKON combines all the necessary functions in one compact device with no moving parts. The compact construction makes the system much simpler to assemble and install or to change its location more often. From an overhead position, the system overlooks one lane of the roadway and photographs the front view of all passing vehicles. The images are then checked for the existence of a valid toll sticker. This innovative system from EFKON is capable of independently determining and monitoring the existence and the validity of the Austrian toll sticker on the vehicles without interrupting the flow of traffic. A special high-resolution light-sensitive camera is for the system to determine whether the sticker is a valid Austrian one.

    Bernd Datler, Technical Managing Director of ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH, explains: “Automatic enforcement and monitoring (AVK) is an optimal way to complement the manual monitoring by ASFINAG’s toll enforcement officers. The automatic system contributes significantly to improving the safety for both road users and for our employees, as they are used in those places where safety reasons do not permit manual monitoring.”

    Gerd Hribernig, Senior Vice President of EFKON AG, says: “I am very pleased that we were able to fulfil our client’s high expectations. Automatic enforcement and monitoring gives ASFINAG an innovative system that stands out for its simple use, wide range of applicability, low maintenance and high life expectancy. Our development team has done an outstanding job and have successfully incorporated our many years of experience with various toll systems, camera technologies and image processing.”

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