Based on several years of experience in capturing and processing legal evidence of traffic violations. EFKON has built a powerful line of products which is highly flexible for most complex violation scenarios in any country of the world. EFKON offers turnkey end-to-end solutions or a service package including operations.

EFKON offers systems and operations for enforcement of:

  • Red Light, Speed, Section Speed
  • Weigh-in-Motion (WIM)
  • Reserved Lanes / Times / Places /
    Types of Vehicles
    ANPR – Whitelists and Blacklists
  • Vehicle and Electronic Driver Licence Data
    Base and Operations

EFKON provides a sophisticated violation processing back offi ce, comprising:

  • Image processing
  • Access for Police, Government etc.
  • Automatic Mailing System With Audit
  • Archive and Statistics Module
  • Multiple Payment Options
Traffic Surveillance Solutions by EFKON
Traffic Surveillance Solutions by EFKON

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