EFKON has unique references worldwide. As a provider of electronic tolling solutions, EFKONs’ expertise also includes the delivery of total solutions, which includes the system integration, operations, maintenance and service. With approximately 500 reference projects in 50 countries, EFKON has positioned itself among one of the leading suppliers of tolling systems worldwide. Read more about the challenges we've mastered or more specifically the experience we have gained with many attractive projects.

These following references demonstrate how we use expertise in the area of tolling to offer innovative and customized tolling solutions. Here are some of the numerous references worldwide: 

  • GERMANY: The German truck toll is currently the largest traffic telematics project in the world. EFKON is a major supplier of this Multi Lane Free Flow Electronic Toll Collections System. EFKON delivered roadside communication facilities and GPS/GMS-based technology for on board units (OBU). EFKON also delivered a stationary and mobile enforcement system. EFKON also provides the Active DSRC Infrared Communications for Multilane Free Flow Enforcement for 1000 Lanes. Furthermore there are also has been supplied by EFKON one Hand-Held Enforcement Device for all vehicles.  The toll system operates with a high degree of precision. This is demonstrated by the high availability in the automatic system. Since 2006, this has constantly averaged 99.75 per cent.

  • MALAYSIA: EFKON introduced its infrared-based toll collection system to Malaysia in 1999. By 2004, it had replaced the microwave-based electronic toll collection systems nationwide. One reason is the better performance of the infrared technology from EFKON compared to the microwave-based solution, as the metal-coated windshields in Malaysia require a high-performance communications solution. This allowed EFKON to successfully expand its market leadership in Malaysia and sell several million OBUs and other tolling systems in this market. The On Board Units are built into vehicles to allow automatic tolling in a toll or fee collection system.

  • AUSTRIA: In Austria, the toll sticker system has established itself as the tolling method for vehicles with a maximum permissible gross weight under 3.5t. EFKON has supplied mobile systems for the automatic control of toll stickers. The system helps to automatically identify toll violators without interrupting the flow of traffic, thus increasing traffic safety.

  • TAIWAN installed a comprehensive nationwide free flow tolling system with more than 1,000 lanes. The Taiwan ETC system started in February 2006. At the same time, EFKON performed Know How Transfer for the local mass production of the On Board Units (OBUs) based on Infrared CALM to Taiwan manufacturers. About 600.000 OBUs have been placed in the field until now.

  • KOREA: EFKON developed and installed an electronic toll collection system in Korea. The system is based on DSRC high-speed infrared communication technology powered by EFKON. EFKON delivered roadside communication facilities and technology/components for on board units (OBU).

  • IRELAND: The entire toll system in Limerick and Fermoy was designed, developed and integrated by EFKON. The road user can easily choose from 3 payment options: manual payment at toll booths, independent use of coin machines, or by means of a toll collection device inside the vehicle using the electronic toll collection lane without stopping and interrupting the flow of traffic. EFKON also runs the two toll stations in Limerick with its own staff.

  • SOUTH AFRICA:  EFKON subsidiary Tollink has been awarded numerous tolling contracts in South Africa. Recently Tollink has been awarded a contract to install and thereafter operate an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) on freeways in South Africa. The contract is worth approximately EUR 85 million of which Tollink receives a significant share. Tollink has also received an additional order for the supply and maintenance of the toll plazas (57 lanes) in South Africa, which is valued at around € 11 million. The contract spans eight years and includes the full upgrade of the N1 North route toll plazas as well as the maintenance and support of the system.

  • INDIA: EFKON is a market leader in the field of providing ITS solutions for toll roads market in India. In the Indian market, EFKON operates in the following fields: ITS, toll road operations & maintenance as well as vehicle tracking solutions. EFKON also provided India’s first passive RFID technology-compliant ETC system.

  • NETHERLANDS: The Westerschelde Tunnel  is 6.6 km long with 2 tubes, 14 kilometres of highway and a toll plaza, which consists of 7 lanes in each direction, 14 in total. For every direction there are manual lanes and automatic lanes where the means of payment are credit card, smart card and T-Tag (High speed electronic tolling). The T-Tag  System has been supplied by EEFKON. The system is highly reliable and un-affected by metallic windshields.

  • NORWAY: EFKON delivered optical character recognition systems for the redesign and expansion of the Oslo Ring and other Norwegian locations. The systems consits of more than 30 toll plazas that are now to be changed over to single-land and multi-lane-free flow.

  • PAKISTAN: EFKON has successfully supplied equipment for over 150 toll lanes and for over 20 intersections within Pakistan. EFKON also runs the several toll stations in Pakistan with its own staff. EFKON Group company TolLink Pakistan is the only ISO certified company in Pakistan, dealing in ITS.

  • Further references in:
    • Australia
    • Brazil
    • Chile
    • Colombia
    • Egypt
    • France
    • Hungary
    • Indonesia
    • Italy
    • Japan
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • USA

Have a look at our EFKON media page, where you will find a video about our reference in Ireland - “EFKON One-Stop-Shop Solution for Limerick”.

We have successfully demonstrated that we have the entire range of systems from a single source, to keep traffic flowing. We are bringing value to our customers.

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